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I’ve Decided Success Partners Confabulation - The quest for your best…Will you ever arrive?

August 15, 2022

There is always the next best thing or more to come. Consider your life more of a quest. You have a specific mission to attain, but that mission is ever expanding. There is no limit to what you can attain and how much you can grow. You really should never feel like you have completely arrived at some type of euphoric perfect place. In life we are always on a journey towards something bigger and better than where we are now. As long as you are alive, keep working, keep moving, keep growing, keep learning, keep building, keep seeking, and keep improving. You will never arrive until you take your last breath here on earth. Enjoy the quest!

Tune in to hear our Founder, Kim Martin and our Success Partners Jackie Greer-Buchanan and Molly Crusen Bishop discuss our weekly winning word quest!  

Our missing is your success! Become a member today and improve your odds of achieving success at www.ivedecided.org 

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